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    looking for a couple tips on re modelling my racing boat. It's 4m long, I've got the free version of Zephyr so a max of 50 photos. I've tried indoors and outdoors with little success. The boat is all black which probably doesnt help. Indoors I used a tripod at different heights twice around the boat, outdoors just a decent selection.

    Looking for some tips and advice for re modelling the boat, I seem to get the background well enough.


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    Hi roflhat,


    Unfortunately your subject is difficult for two reasons:

    - it's a uniform color
    - it's glossy, so light gets reflected (See the white highlight from the sun!)

    I would probably try indoor so that you have control with a more diffused lighting. However, the uniform color is still going to be a challenge.

    The easiest way would be to have it as dirty as it can be - that way it will not reflect light and it will give texture to zephyr to work with.

    if that's not possible, consider using external projectors - this is an advanced techniques (and can quickly become expensive) as it requires a tripod and to take multiple shots (projector off/on) in order to handle the two layers (one for geometry and one for texture --- assuming you need texture)

    Another possible solution given the simple shape would be to use the Shape From Silhouette function (Pro/Aerial only) if you don't need closeup details but just a general one.


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      Well, I like to photograph boats and often visit the pier. Now very cool boats have appeared at boat rentals miami. I have interesting photos of them. But unfortunately, I don't know how to help you yet. You have set yourself a difficult task. As noted here before me, solar glare is a big problem for a graphic editor. Rather, this is a problem for someone who is just starting to use it. I support the advice to you to dirty the boat so that the glare becomes less. It will be easier for you to work this way.
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        ive been trying to do the same thing of my boat, but although the pictures ive used show sharp lines, they come out wobbly, tried smoothing but loose the detali, but then ive many colours on this.
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          it's hard to tell from a screenshot alone but those issues seem to be coming from problems in the orientation phase, invalidating points and thus resulting in a worse mesh.

          It's possible this is due to the nature of the boat itself (plain colors) or not, but it's hard to tell without the photos.

          If you want to share the dataset with we will be happy to take a look!