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Problems with camera orientation (zephyr discards most of the photos)

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  • Problems with camera orientation (zephyr discards most of the photos)

    Hello guys! I’m doing a research for the university in which I need to measure de surface area of coarse aggregates. I already read in some posts here that rocks are specifically easy to the software to deal with.
    So, first I would just use a turntable, but in the articles I researched I found it would be nice to use some glue to fix the sample on the tip of a stick which would me fixed on the turntable. So i did.
    Then I asked help to the photography lab of the university, we used three cameras (as in the picture).
    I’m having problems with the camera orientation. Zephyr discards most of the photos.

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    As I get home I’m gonna be posting some masked photos I used as input.


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      Here are the folders containing the pictures obtained from the three different cameras/angles:


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        Hi Malmakil

        Thanks for reaching out and sharing those images with us. Many of the photographs are out of focus, and look like they have been shot with high ISO however it's difficult to tell exactly which settings you used because the metadata has been stripped from the image files.

        Another thing I notice is that the images are 1920*1080px rather than the native camera resolution and there are some strange artifacts in the images which look similar to video capture interlacing. It's highly advised to avoid video, especially in low light conditions - interiors with lights which aren't flash strobes are misleadingly very low light, our eyes are just fantastic at compensating :-)


        - Avoid video, shoot stills. It will take longer but the results will be far superior.
        - If available use flash rather than continuous light. Position your lights at 45°, facing the subject, either side of the camera.
        - Use a lens which allows you to get closer the the subject, filling more of the frame.
        - Ensure your focus is accurate
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          I recommend a turntable as well and cheap light kit that has black, white and green like sheets which makes masking very easy