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Plot control points in CAD?

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  • Plot control points in CAD?

    Hello, me again.
    I`m wondering if it is possible to export the control points so that they can be plotted in CAD?
    Would it also be possible to have the lines automatically drawn between them?
    I`ll continue to try myself but only got a day and a bit on the trial left so gotta go fast.

    I`ll attach an example of what I`m looking to do. So I`d like to be able to export the points and if possible lines so that they can be recreated as a diagram in CAD.
    Not sure if it can be done but thought I`d ask!


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    Hi Geooo,

    yes, you can export control points and drawing elements, however that requires the full version (3DF Zephyr) as the Free and Lite edition do not have those features.

    Control points tutorial
    Learn about control points and control distances in 3DF Zephyr. Bundle adjustment and rescaling the world are also discussed in this brief videotutorial.Plea...

    Second part of the control points videotutorial: learn to merge two workspace in zephyr as well do other control-points driven operations in 3DF Zephyr.Join ...

    Drawing elements tutorial:
    This videotutorial for 3DF Zephyr describes the workflow for drawing elements generation - manual, automatic or assisted. You can leverage drawing from one c...

    You probably want to create the drawing elements directly in zephyr so you can export the DXF directly, but of course you can export just the control points as a txt files and then handle them as you need in any third party software


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      Thanks alot for your quick reply, as always, Andrea.
      Yes I have the trial for the full version and it runs out in just over a day so that`s why I`m trying to test out as much as possible!
      Thanks I`ll have a look at the tutorials you suggested.


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        No problem! Feel free to reach out to if you need some extra days for your evaluation