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running 6.x and 7.x on the same machine?

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  • running 6.x and 7.x on the same machine?

    Hi folks,

    first things first, thank you very much for a big step forward in many of the features in Zephyr!

    Before I mess up my computer with things it doesn't understand, i just want to ask:
    Is it possible to install a 6.x beside a 7 version of Zephyr lite?

    The reason: i get alignment problems with an image-set, that will be aligned without problems in 6.x, but i get misalignment errors in 7.x.
    I use my "one size fits all" preset from 6.x, and maybe you canged something, that does not work in the 7.x version.
    To be honest, it is a problematic image-set, but anyway, it works with 6.x so it may be interesting, if there has something changed in the camera calibration or elsewhere

    Best regards

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    Hi Stephan!

    presets and settings should be adjusted inbetween versions, as the technology changes significantly. I would suggest trying 7.0 starting from the presets and readjusting them if necessary.

    Regarldess, while you can't have two copies installed at the same time (as for windows those are the same package - you could try creating your own "portable" solution but that is not supported officially), you can uninstall/reinstall each version as many times as you need - so if you temporarily need to go back to 6.5 simply install it and then re-upgrade when necessariy.


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      Hi Andrea,
      yes, i will go back to the future, and rebuild my own presets from the factory settings in V7