Problems with Symmetrical Mesh Generation

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  • Betterbiztech
    • Sep 2023
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    Problems with Symmetrical Mesh Generation

    Hello, I am having trouble with the mesh generation of symmetrical objects (like this train caboose). 24 of 36 masked images were accepted, but the model still has a giant hole on the opposite side of what was generated. Any tips would be greatly appreciated ty.
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  • cam3d
    • Sep 2017
    • 670

    Hi Betterbiztech - Without seeing the input data (your 36 photos) it's difficult to know what the problem is exactly.

    The most likely reason is that you didn't mask your photos despite the subject and backdrop moving independently. If you move your subject relative to the background, you almost always need to mask.

    Tutorial on masking:

    You don't typically need to use masks if your subject and background stay in the same relative orientation.