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  • Pizza time

    You can't spend your days and nights just reconstructing with 3DF Zephyr!
    Sometimes you have to recharge.
    And what better way to do that, than by making some original italian pizza?

    This is what you will need for 2 pizzas:

    - 250g of flour type 0
    - 4g of beer yeast
    - 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
    - a teaspoon of sugar and salt
    - a glass of water

    Tip: remember to close all windows before kneading!

    Start by putting the flour, the yeast and the sugar in a bowl and mix it up dry for a while.
    Then put the oil and half the water and keep kneading... put the rest of the
    water as you need it. It will be quite sticky and messy.. but also very fun!

    When the dough reaches a compact state, move it to a wooden plank and
    add the salt. Start working it for at least 15 minutes and don't be gentle: let that stress out!

    At this point your dough should be quite tight and elastic.

    Oil the bowl and put the dough back, cut the surface a bit for a better and cover it with a wet towel.

    Leave the bowl in a dry area for no less than 2 hours.

    Click image for larger version

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    The dough should now be ready. Divide it in 2 and start stretching it!
    If you want, you may use a rolling pin. I didn't, as I like my pizza more thick and with a hand-made feeling to it!

    Tip: use a bit of flour during the process, it helps a lot!

    Now for the interesting part! Toppings!

    I went for a couple of classics:

    - white pizza (no tomato sauce) with onion and tuna
    - tomato sauce, mozzarella and champignons (common mushrooms)

    But you can literally put anything you want on your pizza! **

    ** except pineapple, if you put pineapple you are a horrible person

    Turn on the oven, as we'll need it pre-heated at 230 degrees.
    Put your pizza on some oven paper and start baking!
    Depending on the thickness and the toppings, cooking time varies a lot.
    It shouldn't take less than 5 minutes and more than 15... just keep an eye on it!

    Click image for larger version

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    What's interesting to me is that it's very easy to make pizza, yet it's a science! Tiny changes may have big impacts...

    Finding the right taste could take a lifetime of pizza-eating!

    Definitely something to think about!

    P.s. Sorry for the photo quality... still waiting for that new company phone

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    ahah great post

    Personally I would prefer a simpler recipe.
    Don't add any sugar an olive oil. It's better to use olive oil only for topping!
    Some people add sugar, some other even milk in the dough, but I prefer to keep it as simple as possible.

    Also the oven temperature is an important topic to mention. The higher the better! The wood-fired oven is the best as it can reach very high temperature, but of course is not easy to install it at home and also out of your budget :P. Let's spread the pizza dough!


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      imo needs more tomato sauce


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        Are those onions on the left one?!

        That's not pizza, that's an abomination.


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          Onion on pizza is a classic Italian recipe (not like the pinepple things american do - THAT, is abomination) and a perfectly valid option. Most commonly used in "tonno e cipolla" (tuna and onion) or "diavola" (salame piccante - like your american pepperoni, but better - and onions)


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            You could just go to Italy like we had to do
            Mind you.... we have a great pizze place 2 minutes away that is really authentic

            PINEAPPLE!!!! I saw pizza's with CHIPS on them!!!! (French Fries Scott)


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              Tomorrow is the day I will finaly test the original Italian flour and yeast.
              For our New Year's Eve party with friends we want to turn on the Pizza Dom!

              Right now the Pizzaiola is boiling allready (rezept belove), and the pizza dough we're gonna start tonight,
              (i use Filippos receipe from above, with the difference i use the typo 00 flour, this dough go for minimum 12 hours!)

              ...will report back with photos from the dough successful or not

              Tomato sauce (Pizzaiola)
              Ingredients for 6 people:

              1 small onion
              2-4 cloves of garlic
              2-3 tbsp olive oil
              1 large tin of peeled tomatoes or chopped tomato meat
              1-2 tablespoons tomato concentrate (tomato paste)
              1 small glass of red wine (0,1 l)
              rosemary sprig
              parsley stalk
              1 small chilli pepper (to taste)
              1 tsp dried oregano

              Peel onion and garlic, dice finely and sauté in hot oil in a flat,
              wide pot or in a deep pan, but do not let it take on any colour.

              Add the tomatoes and their juice, stir in the tomato paste and
              add the red wine.

              Add rosemary, parsley twigs, chilli and oregano, salt and pepper.
              Now let the sauce simmer quietly on a very low heat for at least
              half an hour, without lid, for one hour or longer. Again and again
              deglaze with a dash of red wine, but no more than with a small glass ;*)
              Because a lot of liquid evaporates afterwards, always pour on
              a dash of water and stir.

              Finally, the sauce should be very thick, almost like a soft,
              spreadable paste and have an aromatic aroma.


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                Short info about our pizza evening,
                the dough didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.
                The dough has risen beautifully for the first 2 hours but then collapsed
                Nevertheless it was delicious, for the Pizza Dom you take a dough piece (Ø 7-8cm)
                put sauce on it and cover it as desired (I love hot salami, see pics.)
                Then it comes into the hot Pizza Dom and after about 4-6 minutes it is ready,
                in the meantime you already prepared the next pizza, so it goes on the whole evening
                alt of fun with your friends, of course don’t forget a good bottle of red wine! ;*D

                Next time i will try the flour with the designation Typo 0
                like Filippo used, like he said "it's a science!"
                I still learning !

                Edit: and yes unfortunately no 3D Scan, not yet!
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                  Looking good!

                  Maybe the dough required more kneading!

                  I didn't know what the Pizza Dom was.... seems fun!


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                    Filippo maybe it was because i added the salt from the start and not like you later on,
                    we let the kitchenaid kneading (lazy me ;D) the dough for aprox 10min - 15min, whould you knead it longer?
                    A friend told me i have to put the dough in the fridge and not let it the whole night outside, hmmm

                    Pizza Dom is similar to Raclette ( it is very popular here,
                    the emphasis in raclette dining is on relaxed and sociable eating and drinking, the meal often running to several hours,
                    so the Pizza Dom dining goes also for long time.


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                      10-15 minutes sounds right. The advantage (maybe the only one) of doing it by hand is that you can "feel" the consistency without interrupting the process.

                      The fridge is a bit too chilly in my opinion.


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                        I looooove it to warm up old threads, even if i don´t like warm-up`ed pizza.
                        I will definitely try that recipe, but the discussion of "native italiens" of using pineapples or not reminds me at my time as a technician 25 years ago or so.
                        I worked for a company that dealed with industrial glass processing machines (making facettes on mirrors etc.) and Italy is the leading country in the glass industry for that purposes.
                        As a technician in Germany i worked together with Italian technicians, that came from the respective manufacturer. I really enjoined the partnership between us technicians, because i love the Italian way of live and the people. But it was always a challenge to go out for dinner, because they are "very special" in choosing the restaurants
                        Some of them accepted only Italian restaurants and some of them went to the cook (!) before choosing the meal, because they wanted an original italian recipe, and not the German variant
                        i love it, great memories!
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