The Animation panel is located in the left sidebar of the main Zephyr interface. This function allows the user to easily create demonstration videos of your own models directly from the Zephyr interface, allowing you to export the video in the most common file formats (avi, wmv) or by uploading them directly to YouTube.

In order to create an animation, simply reveal the "Keypoints Animator panel" and click the "Add Current Position" button, while simultaneously moving the workspace camera to the desired position. By enabling the "show keyframes" option, every keypoint set will be shown in the workspace with a yellow cone shape.

When all the keyframes have been placed, you may click the "Play Animation" button to see the animation preview, or you may edit the duration of each movement between the keyframes by right-clicking and editing every keyframe or of the whole animation by clicking the "Set Animation Time" button.

By clicking the "Start Video Recording" Button (represented with the classic recording "dot" ) a new window will appear (as soon as at least two keyframes have been defined) which will allow you to edit the movie generation settings: the parameters that can be edited are the video resolution (up to 4K), the framerate, the target bitrate and the final type of the output (on hard drive, Youtube, or both)