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  • Masquerade additional feature

    Currently it's awesome, but the red and blue averaging options still leave those stubborn parts along edges that grab what you don't want even with the other tools

    I think the easier solution to get rid of those problem areas is 2 addition pens that override and have no averaging algorithm meaning that if I paint it Black its black and white its white in those areas.

    If I paint with the black pen it makes that area black in the mask no matter what averaging is happening from the red and blue and if I paint with a white pen it does the same thing being the final authority on what the mask creates. This will still allow for speedy masking but fine tuning with simple black and white paint type layer overriding the auto mask created.

    The toggle to show the mask wouldn't work here unless I can still see the original image adding the fine tuning of the mask

    make sense?