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  • Equirectangular depth maps export

    Virtual reality last trend is 3D applied to 360 panoramas, using equirectangular depth maps. The system that I use (Krpano just launched the support: There is a small software that lets to create 3D starting from a single panorama, but it still has many bugs, so, in case of complex scenes it's a nightmare to build each element. Additionally it hides many of the shapes defined between sessions.
    So I thought it would be cool to export depthmaps from Zephyr starting from many panoramas. I tried its current tools but it is only possible to export depthmaps for decomposed images and the bad thing is that these images extracted from the full equirectangular panoramas have a field of view larger than 90 degrees, so they overlap at the borders. In order to convert images and depthmaps back to equirectangular, pinhole images should not have parts in common. Also, resulting depthmaps from pinholes (i.e. decomposed square images) don't seem to have always matching "greys" (particularly the floor). Metashape is able to export equirectangular depth maps because it accepts equirectangular images, but the output is wrong at 0° and 360° (i.e. the left and right borders).
    For my tests I used an Insta360 One X in order to produce the models fast. I took many panoramas 30 cm apart. I had big problems with the ceiling and the walls, with strange shapes protruding from them, while they are flat surfaces. Is it a problem that can be solved? I'm trying with many different settings, but without success.
    Thanks and best regards,