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Support for Pixel phone DNG files

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  • Support for Pixel phone DNG files

    This isn't a new feature request, but request for better support for DNG files from Pixel phones (testing from pixel3a). DNG files produced from Pixel3a shows up as 672x504 resolution. Opening up the same files from camera raw in photoshop shows the full 12mp image. I'm assuming 3df zephyr is reading the preview image instead of the full raw image. Using the jpg images the pixel produces will also produce nice results but using raw image data would be better. Bellow is a test using jpg, not raw.

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    Hi gearedmaniac!

    most DNG files should be supported already. However, in the stable release we use imagemagik as imaging engine which is known for this problem with certain filetypes. Unfortunately this depends on the device that actually saves the DNG files in a different format than expected.

    However, in zephyr 5 we have also implemented the WIC engine (which requires you to install the raw file format plugin from the microsoft store, which is a free addon) that will also fix this problem , so in theory your issue is already fixed in our current beta branch if you can send me a few photos for testing at I willbe happy to test them with our beta version!


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      Thanks for the info, I emailed you the data set in dng format.