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Info about skipped photos during reconstruction process

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  • Info about skipped photos during reconstruction process

    During the initial import of photos, Zephyr tries to orient the photos, and some of them sometimes fail. It would be really good for the user if there was a possibility to click on the Photos with the Status Reconstructed=NO and get some additional info about the reason WHY Zephyr failed to orient this photo. Maybe there could also be a hint to "try Setting xyz". So it is all about educating and guiding the user.

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    Hi Josua,

    unfortunately this is heavily context-dependent, so I doubt this will ever be a feature. However, note that while it will be unlikely zephyr will tell you to try a specific change, you can get a hint by checking the logs and looking exactly what happened, e.g. low number of keypoints / matches, cluster merge rejected, and so on


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      Ok, thanks for the info, I will check the logs next time! I want to be learn from the logs