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  • Ghosting/Doublemesh

    Hey guys,

    Not sure if it was explained some where or not but can anyone explain what causes a project to ghost/double mesh? I know reflective/ car was already discussed and my solution for the windows seems to have provided much better results(not perfect but much better) but I am just not sure what is causing the ghosting. Here is some photos for reference. As you can see the back turned up most ok but the right driver tire appeared like it was in motion (which it wasnt). Any ideas on what may be causing it?

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    Hi AvionAvionics,

    when you see "multiple" parts of the object popping up, it's usually due to some cameras being placed wrong. It's possible that some reflection threw off Zephyr, so some cameras were placed on the reflections, thus creating that blob.

    You can verify this quit easily by overlaying your view to cameras that see that portion of the subject if they are off by a lot, otherwise you should try placing a control point on one image and see where the epipolar line falls on other images that see the same area. If the epipolar line is way off, that means that the photos are placed in the wrong position.

    Unfortunately you'll have to fix the camera orientation and recompute dense cloud, mesh and mesh with texture if this is the case.