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3D photogrammetry not working

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  • 3D photogrammetry not working

    I have watched the masking tutorial with the statue and how they put it on the side to give a different perspective then upright. I have been trying this with a bone and cannot seem to get the software to recognize the two sets. Everything is masked out but the bone. It will only pick up one set of pictures to create the sparse cloud. (And therefore one side of the bone is not rendered) I am attaching a picture of the bone and can provide any other info necessary. Thanks for any help! Just on the newer side here and trying to learn.

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    Hi Glaser,

    If the software is not able to merge the two sets, as a first suggestion, you should try to take more images, possibly including other orbits. Probably the overlap between the two orbits is not sufficient to merge the two sets automatically. You can also do it also manually with control points (Pro and Aerial only), but I believe this can be done automatically in your case.

    As additional general tips, make sure to cover as much image area as possible with the object, try to control the DoF, use a tripod, keep the ISO value as low as possible and consider using diffusive lights.


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      I am having the same problem here.We are doing some photogrammetry on bodyparts as well, starting from a plaster model. We did different photograph sessions, even in a greenkey studio with professional light settings. I prepared everything in Masquerade, but when I generate a pointcloud, Zephyr only takes the frontside of the object, and not the backside.


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        Hi Dlivemed,

        it's hard to say without looking at the photos, but possibly it's from a lack of images that connect the front from the back. The comments Roberto made applies to your screenshot as well.

        Can you share the photos? This way we can be less vague


        • DLivemed
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          Hi Andrea, did you have the chance to take a look at the photo's yet ? Kinds regards Peter

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        Please find the Wetansfer link attached

        kind regards,

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          Hi Dlivemed,

          The issues is that the subject is not very textured and the images that have to "merge" front and back are very difficult to process. Take DSC04514.jpg for example: there aren't a lot of features to start with and moreover, the coverage of the surface is very small, so this is very challenging to do completetly automatically.

          You should consider taking images a little closer and trying to lower the iso speed if possible, as there is some pixel level noise which does not help.

          An easier solution would be to dirty the subject if possible. Uniform solutions are quite tricky to orient. You could also manually fix this using control points, but that requires Pro/Aerial versions.