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  • Cuda graphic card not found

    Hello, congratulations for your beautifull program.

    I am running the latest free edition 3.702 of Zephyr and cuda v6 and v9.1 + visual studio 2008 with latest driver of nvidia. My card is pny nvidia ge force 9400gt.

    The program doesnt recognise my card!! It runs only from cpu... So any suggestions?

    Windows 10 full updated.

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    Hi axenias,

    make sure you have the latest Cuda and Nvidia drivers installed. Make also sure the card is enabled in the zephyr settings, if you have updated cuda afterwards (if i understand your post you first installed cuda6 and then updated to 9) there is the possibility that it''s simply disabled in the options.


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      Hi again. So i may found something. I contacted nvidia and they kinldy replied me they support my card untill cuda 6.0. So my question is what version of cuda must have for 3df 3.702?? If you do not support cuda 6, is there any older version of 3df zephyr free that works with cuda 6 that i can download?


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        Hi Axenias,

        It's important to check the Cuda capabilities of the video card, rather then the version Cuda toolkit used in development.
        I've checked and your video card card has Cuda capabilities 1.1
        and unfortunately, we request a video card with Cuda capabilities of at least 2.0. This includes more or less all the video card released after 2011 / 2012.

        You can fully run the software also without CUDA, but it will generally run very slow on old configurations.


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          OK, thank you in advance... Is there a possibility to provide to me an older link of the software that can runs my cuda6.0 card 1.1?


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            I'm sorry, but we never supported Cuda Capabilities 1.1 in the free version and I think that also the very first version of Zephyr in general required Cuda Capabilities 2.0 or greater. However, please note that a CUDA video card is not mandatory.