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Textured mesh with multiple textures issue

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  • Textured mesh with multiple textures issue


    I'm unable to load textured meshes into Blender/Meshmixer etc that have been produced with multiple textures (using default 4) i.e. the mesh imports but the textures are missing.

    It's okay when i use a single texture.

    Am i doing something wrong or is this normal?

    Using (Steam) Lite v3.702

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    Hi sam3d,

    Which format are you exporting to? I'm not a meshmixer user so i'll have to look into it, but in blender you should be able to import textured meshes with no issues.

    If you want to share the output and/or the dataset with me i can also double check.


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      Hmmm...I've just re-processed the textured mesh again with 4 textures and it's now working in the 3rd party apps i'm using so clearly user error somewhere along the way?!

      I'm not sure what's changed - I exported as OBJ format with local rendering reference option active multiple times yesterday but only the single texture map option worked.

      Anyway thanks you for the prompt support.

      So is it good to use multiple textures? Does this result in a higher quality output without the footprint of a single large map?



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        Glad to hear you're not having issues anymore! i'm not sure what happened, but in case you can reproduce your issue make sure to let me know

        Generally speaking yes, you should aim for multiple texture when possible, as having a better UV mapping will lead to less wasted UV space and thus, better output (not to mention, memory usage is better with smaller textures)