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  • Hard Drive Space Warning

    OK, I have 190 Images @ 24 MP per image, I have 200 GB free on my SSD and I am getting a warning saying I dont have enough HD space, solution ? (Other than deleting my Hard drive or removing stuff) Is there a scratch Disk setting somewhere ?

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    Hi Greg,

    when you quit zephyr it automatically clears the cache (which unless you changed it, it's in %tmp% ). You can change the temporary directory in the application settings, but if you do have 200GB free you shouldn't be receiving that error.

    Are you running v.3702? I remember we had a similar bug a while back it should have been fixed. Can you post your log please?


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      I reduced the number of images, and changed the location of the temp file to 3TB drive location, I will try and run all 190 images again and reset to factory after processing the current set, Yes I am running 3.702