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New updated added watermark on video export

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  • New updated added watermark on video export

    Hi! I'm new to the forum but have been using the software for a while (and have hundreds of hours logged in Steam). I noticed with the latest update when exporting videos a new watermark has been added. Is there a way to turn it off? I like to set the first and last keypoint the same so videos have a smooth unlimited looping feel to them.

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    Hi NNaglich,

    for a while we didn't realize there was a bug that was allowing Lite users to export without the intro video.

    So we technically fixed a bug, however we realize that some people took that as a feature and we have already decided to remove the forced intro video to the lite edition as well. I doubt we'll be doing a 3.703 with only that minor fix though - if you'd like, i can generate a temporary key for the standalone version of Zephyr so that you can rollback to a previous version if you wish.

    Sorry for the mishap, we understand that it created a bit of confusion


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      Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Ah ok, that makes sense and I appreciate the work around. Yeah I'll give the temp key and rollback a try.


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        you're welcome

        i'm sending it to the email you used to sign up to the forum