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Does retopology increase the shape accuracy?

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  • Does retopology increase the shape accuracy?

    If I start with a dense cloud, create a mesh and use retopology to finely divide the mesh, does it increase the shape accuracy or just redivide the old mesh? Thanks.

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    To make my point clear, does retopology use dense cloud that was the starting point and rebuilds the mesh with photometric optimizations?


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      Most people who sell models prefer a clean mesh of quads.

      They call most scan art triangle soup. I use zbrush remesh tool which has a slider to reduce polygons because I make real time art not a piece that requires rendering for minutes or longer each frame

      If your art piece will animate topology and clean quads is important

      To answer your original question I think you will lose some sharp details using a retopology tool


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        I'm fairly certain re-topology doesn't utilize photo-metric optimizations.


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          Hi Victor,

          I confirm that the retopology is only a post processing filter. It will most likely result in loss of details. However, remember you can apply the retopology filter also on a triangle selection and not necessarily to the whole mesh!


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            Thanks for the clarifications Andrea and CG-guy.