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How many frames from video is too many?

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  • How many frames from video is too many?

    My subject is an outdoor pagoda structure. I shot a 4K 30FPS video, sweeping back and forth at different altitudes with my Mavic Pro - the video is minutes long. Using the "Import from Video" option, I'm getting up to 10,000 frames from that video. Is that way overkill? My workstation has a pair of Xeon Decacores, so I've plenty of CPU power, but if I'm just throwing excessive work at it I'd like to know.

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    Hi Tobalfordge -

    10k images is a LOT - How much RAM do you have? - More is not always better, I'd highly recommend processing with less photos to begin with, then incrementally increasing the number of images if you're unhappy with the output. You stand to save yourself a lot of wasted time this way!


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      Thank you for the reply cam3d.

      My machine has 64GB of RAM: i do video encoding and just about anything else i want to.
      sparse and dense point generations took about 2 hours each. The result at this piont looks really good.
      it was a bright high overcast day; very diffuse from that cloud cover, and i left any filter off the lens for short duration "shutter speed" = no motion blur, even with a low ISO.
      Ill try dramatically reducing the image count until i see degraded results to get an answer to the question.


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        I've got a 64GB machine too, and I don't think 10k images will work, though it might be possible at the lowest settings? It depends on the data overlap and overall quality.If you can post results, please do!


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          OK, I'm an idiot. It's not 10K pics, it's 320, but it's actually only using 195 of them. I obviously mis-interpreted a displayed set of numbers during the video extraction phase, and later did not pay attention to how many pics were actually being used. That's what I get for tinkering with complex software while my kids are bouncing around me.

          As I look at the images extracted from the video, I think I want to cut the video into shorter tracks to try to generate more sequential sweeps than what the wizard came up with.

          So, I'm back to tinkering to find out what are good numbers of images to work with.


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            Haha! That's a big difference :P - sub 500 I'd say, after that in current builds there's a little bit of a slowdown, but larger datasets are being addressed and I believe that optimizations are being worked on as we speak - Tinker away though~ Best way to learn, no doubt