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Dual midrange CUDA GPU or one toprange GPU

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  • Dual midrange CUDA GPU or one toprange GPU

    I looked all over the internet, but I couldn't find an answer to this question.
    I want to create a workstation in order to use Zephyr Aerial for photogrammetry, and I was wondering if it will be better to buy 2 GTX 1060 or one GTX 1080 or 1080TI.
    Will the software be able to use both GPUs?\

    Thank you!

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    Hi emil_alex,

    yes, 3DF Zephyr can use multiple GPUs. Please note they are used independently, so you can have different cards togheter.

    I would probably go for 2 mid range as it would also be cheaper. You can find benchmarks run by our community over - please note the scoring value does not scale linearly.


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      Hi Andrea,

      Do you know if Zephyr would see any speed benefit to having the professional Nvidia cards opposed to the gaming ones? (i.e. TESLA / QUADRO vs GEFORCE)
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        Hi beardless,

        there is no automatic "quadr/tesla is better than geforce". Ultimately it depends on the specs of the card itself.

        Generally speaking, geforce cards gives you a better performance over price. Always check the cuda cores, clock speed and available memory on any card.


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          Ok, so the higher double precision floating point performance that those cards exhibit do not influence Zephyr speed? (or rather even if they did, we're saying the overriding factor is just more cores / clock speed etc)