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panorama equirectangular not recognized

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  • panorama equirectangular not recognized


    I've tried to import a sample equirectangular panorama picture from a video taken using

    SP3604K Kodak camera recorded 2880 ratio 1:1 , 30 Frames per second in
    Video mode, dome mode, and equirectangular but Zephyr does not recognize it.

    May I know why?


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    Hi iam_msy,

    looks like there is a stretch or crop factor in your image. As it is not in equirectangular format, zephyr will not be able to decompose it.

    Please make sure your photo is in equirectangular format before feeding it to zephyr. I am not familiar with the kodak camera software, but i assume you'll have to play with settings in order to have an equirectangular image with no stretch or crop at all.


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      Thanks Andrea!


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        Just a thought, is Zephyr capable of decomposing panorama picture that is originally taken from a video?
        Because the photo that I've sent to you was actually only extracted from a 360 video. So my workflow was 360 video then extracted photos, which are panorama photos then decompose there any chance that the photos are losing something during photo extraction from video?

        Thank you.


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          It's me again. We are trying to understand what's wrong with our panorama picture, why isn't recognized by zephyr though it was exported as an equirectangular image. Could you give us a sample data, or a sample camera that can output a panoramic image that can be read by zephyr? Or is there any application out there that you know of which we can use to transform/ edit our image so that it would be read by zephyr as an equirectangular image?



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            Hi iam_msy,

            yes, it can be extracted from video. The video must be in equirectangular format too of course.

            You should not edit your image, but have your camera stitch it in the equirectangular format. Post processing data is generally a bad idea. Regardless, if you camera can also output the single images before stitching them togheter in a 360° image, consider using them, eventually.

            Have a look at our 360° camera tutorial for more information:

            I'm attaching a sample image from that tutorial for your reference. However, please do not edit your image to "fit" the equirectangular format as it will only make thing worse - you need to find the correct transformation in your camera software.

            Click image for larger version

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