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  • Equirectangular images

    I have split some 360 images down using the tool provided to get the 6 images, when importing it identifies them as 360 images and links them.

    My problem is when it aligns them it only aligns the "down" images, is it possible for it to add the other images from that are linked after only aligning the one image?

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    Hi TimH,

    most likely your images have been discared as they have not enough features (e.g. plain white walls). If that's the case, you should consider using advanced acquisition techniques (e.g. projecting a pattern or placing markers).

    It's hard to tell anyways without looking at the dataset. Any chance you can share it with us?


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      As it had aligned one side from the spherical image I was hoping the linked sides from each spherical image could be placed relative to that. But way its working feels like the 6 images from the spherical image aren't linked and each of the 6 images needs to contain enough overlap with other images.


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        Yes, Zephyr uses the cube information but if there is a lack of features they will be discarded regardless.


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          there were features in other images, but not sure how much overlap there was.

          Is there a way to force it to add other cube images


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            You could force it via control points, but in general it won't save your dataset. You should most likely do another acquisition using other techniques (e.g. projecting patterns) so that you have a proper dataset to work with.

            Anwyays, if you wish to share the dataset I'll be happy to have a look at it in case I'm missing something