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Use OS native file dialogue - Is this possible?

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  • Use OS native file dialogue - Is this possible?

    Hey - I'm evaluating 3DF, and having come from Photoscan/Metashape I'm pretty impressed. Masquerade literally made me laugh out loud with how well it automatically masks.

    One thing that is a bit of a pain point is the file dialogue. While I am sure there is a rationale for developers to use their own, it's not for me, and I would love to be able to switch to the OS native one, as I can in Maya (Maya preference screenshot below).

    Is this possible?


    Click image for larger version

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    Hi red,

    thank you for your kind words, we love Masquerade and we're always happy to see some love to masquerade too

    Unfortunately there is currently no alternative to use the native windows dialog, sorry!

    Is there a specific feature you're missing ?


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      Hi Andrea, pardon the late reply. Thanks for getting back tome.

      I am just used to the standard Win 10 dialogue. It's handy to have all my cloud drives, favorites, etc. readily available. I made a shortcut to Dropbox on my desktop to access from Zephyr, so I'm not blocked, just prefer my normal toolset.