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Problems with importing .MTL file into C4D

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  • Problems with importing .MTL file into C4D

    Hello and thank you for reading this post! I am very new to 3dF but was successful in creating a viable mesh of a ceramic piece that a friend of mine made. As my 3D software I use C4D r17 and have had no problems with importing the .OBJ file of the ceramic piece. However, when I try to import the .MTL file to accompany the mesh, all that occurs is that the .MTL file makes the mesh transparent.

    I'd like to add that by default importing a .MTL file into C4D isn't possible (if my understanding is correct) and that I was only able to do this with a python plugin which parses the .MTL into the .OBJ, although, for me, I've not had any success.

    Does anyone know of a solution to this problem? I'm currently using a demo version of 3DF Zephyr Lite and would like to buy it at the end of the trial period, although, if I'm not able to import the .MTL file into C4D I may have to pursue an alternative.

    Any help concerning this matter would be extremely appreciated!



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    86 that request for help. I was able to figure it out!

    I found that when importing an .OBJ into r17, an import menu is generated allowing you to set the scale, manipulate axis, and whether you want to import a .MTL file. The key option to select on this menu is 'Invert Transparency', doing so will allow the .MTL to be loaded, however, it will more than likely be partially transparent. Click the material in the material pane so that the editor pops up and then uncheck the 'Transparency' box. Doing this will allow your material to behave like any other material!

    Peace, harmony, respect,



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      Hello Neil,

      thank you for sharing your answer with the community!

      Feel free to ask for any other information and if you need a trial extension just ask!