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    hola need help with the union of meshes.
    I tried with 3 control points, but the software prompts me more.
    Then probe with 7 control points and still asks me more.
    I have taken care that the control points A-A', B-B'etc ...
    What is the solution to this?
    please help

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    Hi Danny,

    you cannot join directly meshes, but you can merge workspaces. In that case you need 3 at least three control points. Try to uncheck the 'bundle adjustment' checkbox from the importing menu in the control points selection page. Bundle adjustment requires image overlap and I'm suspecting you don't have enough in this case. After the workspaces have been merged, you can merge the dense point clouds and regenerate a mesh from the union of the point clouds.


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      thank you very much, it is indeed the solution.
      You can join the workspaces and got my final work.