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Support for Cameras such as LG360?

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  • Support for Cameras such as LG360?

    I'm looking to do room-based scans (currently doing object scans with Steam version). Would investing in a camera such as the LG360 which takes images using fish-eye lenses and combines them be any good?

    I'm keen to simplify the image taking process and placing a camera such as this down in a few spots around a 'room' or area to allow the reconstruction to be performed in more detail would be great.

    There are other cameras such as the 360Fly and Richoh range that also do this.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hello pconnell,

    Zephyr works with pinhole cameras. Using any post-processed image, such as a composed 360 view from more pictures, is not supported.

    However, you can use images from fisheye lenses. So if you can get the two unprocessed pictures from the camera, you can absolutely work with them in Zephyr. Sometimes - depending on the camera - a good idea is to pre-calibrate the camera using the calibration tool (especially if we don't have that specific camera model calibration in our online database), which we can help you with!

    If you can get some samples images i will gladly process them for you and give you some specific insights!


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I don't have the camera, was a question to see if it was worth it - looks like it outputs a proprietary format for spherical data so no use (maybe).

      I will continue with my Nikon Coolpix S3000 for now.


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        No problem!

        If by any chance you can get your hands on one of them though, feel free to contact me anytime for some tests!