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Integration with other application (Texture)

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  • Integration with other application (Texture)

    Hi !

    I'd like to know if it is possible to export the texture made by Zephyr in a comprehensible format for Substance Painter ?
    I tried to use it and ehance the texture of a 3D Object but it's clearly not the same format.

    Thanks and keep the good work !


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    Hi Christophe,

    i don't personally know substance painter but my guess is that you need to unwrap the texture before you process it. You can set your custom UVs in your 3D editor of choice and then regenerate the texture with those UVs from Zephyr.

    You can find a simple tutorial (using blender) here

    Thanks! Let me know if you need further help, i'll be glad to help!



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      Hi Andrea,

      Sorry for the delay, not so much time to practice.
      I try your tutorial but i doesn't work so much for now.

      After unwraping the object in Blender, I import it in Zephyr and I have 2 objects.
      The one from the project, which is correctly orianted, and the one from the import which is rotated in 180 degres, and can't get his texture proprelly.

      I'll send you an image of what I have got on my screen on your email.