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  • Selling meshes online

    Do any of you have suggestions of the best places to sell your final mesh? I just tried to create a seller account on turbosquid but was rejected because of some issue regarding General Motors Artist Agreement.. Whatever that is.

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    What about trying Sketchfab ? Sketchfab is an online website where members can upload various types of content ranging from photogrammetry models to stuff created on Blender and suchlike. You can sell computer generated models on there. The site is split up into many different categories.It is definitely worth a look.


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      Yes I'm familiar with sketchfab, I have a model there already. But if I recall you have to have a business account to sell your models and that's almost $80 a month.


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        Zen Artist I don't think a business account is a requirement (I have a sketchfab store myself but got into it during BETA so things might have changed) - (That is the application form for Sketchfab Marketplace)

        Sorry I have no other experience selling models online.


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          One thing to remember is to make sure to prepare your mesh depending on the target audience of the marketplace.

          For example, if you're targeting the Unity3D marketplace (which is aimed to game developers) more often than not you'll likely want to create different LoD meshes and possibly retopologize / create normal maps to cater to that audience, while other marketplaces may be fine with a very high poly mesh.

          Another popular one is cgtrader, but again, there are a lot out there, and targeted to different type of users, so you may want to do some market research to understand where you want to sell your models.