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  • 3D scan to STL format

    I want to scan an object in 3D Zephyr to an output STL formated file. This would be used for 3D printing. Is there any software path to make this conversion? Some where in the process the data will have to be tested for "water tightness" to be a good file for printing. Once the data is in the STL format there are programs for testing and repairing the file. I hope this is a common use for 3D scanning.

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    Hi Phil - You can output STL files directly from 3DF Zephyr but I would recommend outputting OBJ, test and fix that file in either meshlab, meshmixer or netfabb (or a combination). Once you're happy with the geometry and scale, export that fixed OBJ as STL before sending to the printer.
    More info on programs here:

    In my personal experience OBJ files are much easier to manipulate and manage than STL, and I view STL as more of a finishing format rather than a working one.
    More info on OBJ vs STL here:

    Let me know if you have any specific questions!


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      Another one:


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        Hello cam3d, Thank you for the information. It was very helpful. I have seen the OBJ before but didn't know what it was for. I have one sad attempt to scan a cup but use it to test software. 3DF works ok using it. And I also found how to output the data in OBJ or STL. Also, my Simplify 3D slicer program will accept either STL or OBJ files. Both files from 3DF generated g-code. Not printable though (poor scan).The OBJ file will load in to MeshLab, MeshMagic, and Meshmixer. Now I need to work up a workflow and learn how to use the software. I plan on scanning with video. That will help save my old Canon 5D MII camera from too many more miles. The lower quality scan will really be a plus because 3D printing doesn't need high quality surface.detail. I would like to try a rotating platform. Not sure how that will work with video while the subject is moving. Thanks for the help getting me straighten out about OBJ. Oh, I did break into the piggy bank and bought the Lite version.