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Batch Converting/Exporting PTX files

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  • Batch Converting/Exporting PTX files

    I have over 100 different PTX files of a caverns and manually converting each PTX to an OBJ mesh will take forever if I have to do them one at a time. Is there a batch command or some way to automate the steps needed to take to create OBJ files without having to do them manually one at a time?

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    Unfortunately, there's no way of making a batch processing for computing only the surface in Zephyr. Currently, the batch processing (from the utilities menu), only support photogrammetry operations.

    The importing can be done in batch by drag and drop multiple files. Also, the "make structured command" can be done from a selection. However, extracting a surface is a single object operation.

    For full automation, you can have a look at FlowEngine, which requires c++ coding.