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Models are always too bumpy

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  • Models are always too bumpy

    I have been experimenting with Zephyr Light for a while now, and it seems like no matter what I do my model comes out incredibly bumpy. It does not matter if the surface of the object is flat, round, simple, complicated, or whatever. I have tried different lighting, different camera angles, taking pictures in a perfect circular pattern, focusing on a specific area for more details, using higher resolution photos, and many other things.
    Apparently I have not seen many other people with this issue so I would like to know what settings, or whatever, I am missing. I usually go to Workflow, New Project, and import my images. Usually I import from a video but also tried regular, carefully taken photographs that are all from the same height and are all focused on the object and not blurry. From this point I experiment with all of the camera presets. Close Range, Urban, or whatever all result in the bumpy surface. Same with Fast, Default, and Deep resolutions.

    I am sure I am just missing something simple... any advise would be helpful. Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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    ydylma Hey! The image acquisition is the most important part of the photogrammetric reconstruction. If you could share a data-set with us we can determine the key issues with your acquisition.

    I would strongly recommend photos over video, and plenty of light - shooting outside on a bright day will be much more likely to yield better results.


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      What do you mean by data set, like a photo set? I would love to, but I keep getting attachment errors like these:

      Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file.
      There has been a database error, and the current page cannot be displayed. Site staff have been notified.

      I attached one of the pictures so you can see the quality. It is high resolution and hit with a bright light. 320 pictures taken from circular rotation at equal distance and height. Could too many photos cause the issue?


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        Hey again ydylma - You'll need to share the data-set (photo-set) through something like google drive or wetransfer - The files will be too big for this forum to handle.

        From the supplied picture I can see that your subject is the key issue, it has almost no surface features so there is very little data to work with. Try sprinkling some pepper or another dark fine powder on the subject to add the necessary feature points.