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Exporting the volume computation mesh

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  • Exporting the volume computation mesh

    Hi Zephyr team,

    I have been working with Beta Version 3.062. The mesh produced by the measure volume process appears to be filled (watertight). But if I export this mesh as either a .ply or .obj. The holes in the original mesh, upon which the Exported volume mesh is based, appear in the exported object. I'm not sure whether this is by design or not. I would have expected the exported Volume mesh to be filled, like it appears to be in the zephyr project.

    Thank you

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    Hi Modeler17,

    When you use the "Measure Volume" button in the "Measurements" tab, a new mesh volume will be imported in the workspace, always (this is actually a bug which we are fixing: since next build, there will be a checkbox (that is currently not shown) that will allow for simple computation or computation + workspace import.

    The correct behaviour is similar to the one you see with "Measure volume after projection", which a checkbox that will allow you to import or not the volume mesh in the workspace.

    That said, zephyr will simply compute the volume if you do not import the mesh in the workspace (i.e. with the Enable/Disable volume button in the toolbar).

    Simply put, if you need to export the volume mesh, make sure to import it with the "measure volume" button and export the newly, generated Mesh volume in the workspace.

    Today my english is extremly confusing, let me explain with a picture

    [img src="" alt="" /]


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      Ok, Thank you Andrea. I think I understand.


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        When doing a stock pile measurements, how can you retain the information ?

        if I click back on the mesh that is isolated I have to redo the entire calc


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          From what I can see the volume calculation is only visible in the Log after computation - It would be convenient to have those metrics present under the measurements panel where distances are shown.


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            Hi Dronefly,

            volume information is always saved in the element information. Double click it or right click it and select properties

            Click image for larger version

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              Andrea Thanks for the pointer! Completely missed that somehow, looking in all the wrong places