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bim format of mask

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  • bim format of mask


    Is there somewhere a description of the bim format that is generated for each image with the Masquerade tool?

    I am asking because I will have to implement my own bim-generator (outside zephyr) for some POC.

    I assume it is probably simple. e.g.

    first 4 bytes: bim format recognition string
    next 2 bytes: width of mask in pixels
    next 2 bytes: height of mask in pixels
    next bytes: mask for each pixel (1 bit per pixel)

    If you could reveal this format, I'd appreciate it a lot!

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    Hmmm, no, it seems to save more than just mask pixels. Maybe also applies some kind of compression (LZ4 or other?)

    But maybe you can still provide have a template bim file format for a Mask for images of a specific resolution that just contains a mask for each pixel? That would be really useful.


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      Hi Josua,

      unfortunately it is not an open format, so while it can possibly be very easy to reverse engineer, the official way for you to be interoperable is to simply use PNGs or JPGs - you can export masks as images from masquerade (lite,pro,aerial) or create your own and use the _mask or _masked suffix in your name file (e.g. photo000.jpg for the photo and photo000_masked.jpg for the mask) - the result will be the same, just slightly slower in zephyr or flowengine when loading the masks.


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        Oh ok, that's fine, thanks a lot!