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Thankyou Zephyr team!

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  • Thankyou Zephyr team!

    This is probably intended solely as a support forum but I just wanted to share my appreciation for 3df Zephyr and it's team. I've been using zephyr for a couple of weeks now, learning the tricks and every day brings new knowledge.

    I'm part of a small community that plays Warhammer online with digital counterparts of the real life models. While a lot of the models are hand designed, that both takes considerable time considering the thousands of models and also nothing really compares to the quality of the real things! Fortunately, the official games workshop website has very low resolution 360 degree shots of the majority of their models. It's through rigorous trial and error that we've converted these for use.

    When I came into the community, there was only a couple of people actively producing 3d scans of models, and they were using software from one of your competitors. The results varied wildly, and although they were recognisable, they were very poor. I saw an opportunity to improve things and did my research. I have tried every free photogrammetry software available, and Zephyr is just the best all around. I've since made a tutorial video and converted all of the previous creators over to Zephyr, and inspired many more to take up the hobby. Some people who previously gave up have even come back to give it a go. As far as I'm aware, I've yet to generate you a sale, but with the volume of work ahead of us, it's a distinct possibility! Haha

    Regardless, this software is fantastic. And although there are issues, the problems are mostly caused by our abysmally poor dataset. 800 pixel blurry compressed images... Yet Zephyr still pulls it off! Nothing short of miraculous.


    Here is an example of my work over the past week.
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    Thank you for your kind words


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      I can only confirm everything what Quoeiza said!

      As soon as I started to touch 3dflow Zephyr, I fell in love with the product - and the team behind! My biggest congratulations, respect and appreciation! You guys are awesome, may you enjoy the sweet fruits of your hard labour!