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    I am considering to purchase a new PC, optimised specifically for processing with 3dflow Zephyr.

    My interest is exclusively about capturing relatively small objects (between the size of a computer mouse and a basketball) on a turntable setup.

    I am wondering about the involvement of different Hardware components during the different steps of:
    1) Import and orient Photos
    2) Create Dense Pointcloud
    3) Create Mesh and Textured Mesh

    Hardware Components:
    CPU speed
    Multiple CPUs
    System Memory (RAM)
    NVIDIA GPU speed
    GMU Memory

    It would be awesome to have a table-matrix with the processing steps on the left, and the Hardware components on the top. In the cells of the table, something like a value from 0..10.

    0: "this hardware component is irrelevent for this step"
    10: "this hardware component is absolutely crucial (in many cases it is the bottleneck) for this step"

    Is there such a table available somewhere, or could somebody from the 3dflow team spend 20 minutes to create it?

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    Hi Josua,

    - CPU speed is important in pretty much all steps

    - Multiple CPUs can help, but not as multiple GPUs. I would simply spend money on a better single CPU system with 2x GPUs rather than the money for a dual CPU system.

    - RAM is important depending on the amount of photos. The minimum requirements for zephyr are 16GB, lets say that if you always work with less than 1000 photos, 32GB are more than enough.

    - the GPU is very important, especially the cuda cores. Note that generally it's much better to get 2x mid/high tier cards rather than the highest tier card possible. GPU memory is mostly important for the photoconsistency step, but its automatically handled if there is not enough ram. We suggest at least 2GB.

    Make also sure to get a good NVMe SSD