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Advice on mixing DSLR and Aerial photos into the same map

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  • Advice on mixing DSLR and Aerial photos into the same map

    Edit: I also have a Ricoh Theta V 360 camera I could use instead of the DSLR.

    I've trying to do a 3D map of some forested property that has some gaps and channels in the forest that I'd like to get detail down inside of in the map. An architect will use the 3D map for designing the house to maximize views through the forest gaps and channels out to the water views.

    I've got a few newbie questions that I'm hoping someone can help answer before I invest in this new software.

    How would you recommend I map the forest channels ( areas where there are no trees.. see screenshot ) ?

    Question: Can I use my dslr photos in the same 3d map as my drone photos?

    Question: Do I need gps data in the exif of the dslr photos?

    Question: What software do you recommend I use to fly my DJI drone to capture the aerial shots?


    Thank you for any suggestions!
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    you can safely mix all types of photos togheter. You don't need GPS information unless you want to georeference the full project, in any case, gps data is used only to georeference and give a first hint on where the cameras are (for image neighbor search) so it's absolutely not a problem to mix them.

    The difficulty in your dataset is probably the fact that you have a lot occlusion due to the trees. In this case, taking ground pictures and aerial pictures will likely result in two completely separate projects, as there is no overlap. A solution would be to do multiple flight, maybe lifting off from the ground wher eyou also take photos (but i seem to understand that is not possible for safety reasons?) so that you can have a lot of overlap between your ground photos and your aerial photos.

    an alternative is to treat the photos separately, with the help of ground control points (feature unavailable in free and lite) . If you have a total station or other devices (e.g. rtk) you can simply use GCP to merge the two projects using GCP coordinates.

    As for what to plan your flight, unfortunately I've no particular suggestions, as it is not my area of expertise, sorry!