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How to increase the number of points in dense point cloud

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  • How to increase the number of points in dense point cloud

    I am a wood worker that would like to dive deeper into CNC work with 3d files. I have watched all of the appropriate video tutorials for 3D Zephyr, read the tutorials online, read through the manual and searched in the forum for guidance, but I am still stumped. I am ultimately trying to export an objective file in order to import into Vectric software and carve the 3d file.

    My main dilemma is I don't know how to consistently generate a dense point cloud with enough points that allows me to generate a good mesh. Once uploading the data set, I proceed to sparse point cloud generation and then onto dense point cloud generation through the workflow. I have tried various combinations within the dense point cloud creation workflow, but cannot figure out what generates the most points (above 1,000,000) consistently.

    I have tried a data set of 34 images and somehow generated 1.5M points in dense point cloud and then tried another file with a data set of 110 images and generated only 500,000 points. I try to review the log after creation, however, I am not a computer wiz that understands this stuff.

    oh, and I downloaded the cherub data set and went through the process (high details and close range on dense point clouds) and the outcome was just as well as shown online and in the tutorials.

    In anything new that I try, I work through the problem and see how to replicate the issue, however, I am STUMPED!

    Help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi slomotime,

    it's hard to tell what is happening without photos or logs but we're here to help!

    First of all, the number of point itself is not a good heuristic to know if a model is good or bad.

    that said, my suspicion is that you are using a low number of photos or that your photos are not good enough but i cannot know that unless i see the photos - if you can share them with me at i will happily give you more targeted advice.

    Regardless, if you want a more dense cloud simply because your other software require a target point count, you can always use the densify tool. again, note that a high number of points does not automatically translate to a quality model - in fact, the densification tool will just add points but not detail.

    Generally speaking, try raising the resolution in the advanced setting. I am sorry I cannot be more specific, but if you can share additional information we will be happy to help!


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      Andrea, thank you for the information. I will email you the information directly.


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        Andrea, thank you again for all of the assistance. It was helpful for me to understand that the pictures I took with the cell phone camera were simply not good enough. It didn't really matter the number of points to generate since the photos (data set) were out of focus. After going back and taking pictures with a DLSR and using natural light (outside) it made all of the difference. I even ended up using less photos than I had previously and generated a better mesh.


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          glad I could help! Let me know anytime if you need any additional help!