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where can I find changelogs?

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  • where can I find changelogs?

    I upgraded from version 5.001 to 5.003 and noticed a changelog next to the upgrade button, however, I didn't get a chance to read it and the changelog went away after I upgraded and I can't find any documentation on the differences in 5.003 with a Google search. Where can I find a 5.003 changelog?

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    Hey Brad - Here's are the changelogs for 5.002 & 5.003 ( I found them through my yet-to-be-updated Zephyr Free software updater )

    Version 5.003

    + Added possibility to select cameras to use during dense point cloud and mesh creation

    + Fixed a slow-down during "merging boundaries" phase on texturing

    + Fixed a bug related to closing lines when drawing

    + Fixed a bug related to reference system in quick project and batch processing

    + Fixed a crash related to the utility bar

    + Some advanced photoconsistency settings (Iterations - chunk subdivisions) are now available only in custom

    + Improved Scarlet I/O performances on MultiICP

    + Fixed Scarlet translations

    + Fixed a bug on Gizmo (Scarlet and Zephyr) with disable rotation rails

    + Added possibility to show and hide the bubble view in the main Window (Scarlet)

    + You can now import an external bubble view in Scarlet

    + You can now recalculate a bubble view from points in Scarlet

    + Minor fixes

    Version 5.002

    + Added ST-Map export (only 3DF Zephyr)

    + It's now possible to export undistorted images in 3DF Zephyr Lite

    + MVS Aerial preset rebalancing (less holes)

    + Fixed a crash on Elevation profile export

    + Fixed a slow-down problem when merging boundaries during texture generation

    + Fixed a crash during multiple stereo generation process and temp path containing unicode characters

    + Fixed a crash in stereo point export dialog

    + Fixed a crash when drawing on sparse point clouds

    + Minor fixed
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      You can also subscribe to the RSS with all the changelogs (of the current major release) here