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Why so many rejected images

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  • Why so many rejected images

    I snapped photos using dslr from two different levels as I circled around my subject ( a tree with some bushes and flowers ) .. about 50% of the photos didn't get accepted. Here is a video showing the photos, exif data, and my model .... I'm trying to figure out why so many of the images were not used; especially since there was very little change in photo aperture and iso in between shots. . Thanks for any suggestions.

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    it's hard to tell without looking at the photos. From your screencast you see them scaled down in order to fit in your screen, but i think that your iso speed is exteremly high and thus causes a lot of noise. Your subject is not difficult, per se, but the ground + the noise is bound to extract a lot of weak keypoints and thus creating false matches, "breaking " the tracks.

    I suggest taking pictures using a tripod or when there is more light outside. If you are interested in the tree itself, i would also get closer, as right now it's more ore less 5% of the image only.

    If you want to share the photos with (e.g. with wetransfer or a public dropbox link) i will be happy to give you more specific advice!