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Image Quality Index Utility - RAM use

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  • Image Quality Index Utility - RAM use

    I have been using the Image Quality Index Utility to select the best focused (least blurry) 10k images from a 14k collection. When the Quality Index is processing, it seems to cumulatively use up a set amount of RAM per image, e.g. the RAM occupied at the end of Indexing 14k*5MP images is 76GB.

    Then, that RAM usage stays at 76GB after a selection of those images are selected for use in a New Project. I.e. after the Image Quality Index has been dismissed, and before the Project has started processing the SfM, 3DF Zephyr is still idling at 76GB RAM use. By the end of SfM, RAM usage might be something like 130GB, but ~80GB of that is the Image Quality Index results that have not yet been flushed from the workspace, if that makes sense.

    I was going to post this in the Feature Request forum, but thought I would bring it to your attention here first, and maybe you can help me articulate the Feature Request.

    Mainly, I wonder if you could program 3DF to work more efficiently with the Image Quality Index and RAM usage. E.g. automatically empty/flush the RAM after indexing and before Project/SfM start. If you could help me understand this process a bit better (and why the RAM use is cumulative and does not clear/flush before SfM start) then I could write a better worded Feature Request.

    Thanks in advance!