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Way to Pause model generation?

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  • Way to Pause model generation?

    The model generation takes several hours on my computer; is there a way to "pause" the model creation so that I can use the computer for other things and then un-pause to continue where the model generation left off? Thanks very much for any suggestions.

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    There should be an option for pausing the process in the interface, when the process is working. I.e. literally a button on the interface that says 'pause'. Does that have any effect? I often pause 3DF during a process, to free up my computer to play video games, then set it going again after I'm finished.

    Another option, if we're talking about the 'generate model' function, which incorporates both generation of the dense point cloud and immediately after the generation of the mesh - another option would be to perform generation of dense point cloud, then use that dense to generate a mesh (i.e. separate the Model generation into its 2 separate stages). This option - production of Dense, then subsequent production of Mesh - is available under Workflow>Advanced.


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      Daniel; thanks for the quick reply. I see the Pause option when the app is stepping manually through the workflow. I was referring to the other method where the program does the point cloud and then auto builds the mesh and textured mesh; this latter way doesn't seem to have a Pause option. Just wanted to confirm I wasn't missing something. I'll live with it like this