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  • Calibration names

    Hey there!

    I am currently trying to calibrate some 10 USB3 cameras. When saving the pictures of each camera, the exif data does not seem to be written correctly resulting in NA NA (NA) names for the calibration.
    I can correct the manufacturer, camera and lens details in the XML file, but this does not update the calibration name. This results in the calibrations being overwwritten. Is there a way to rename these calibrations such that they are stored separately and camera-specific (CAM01, CAM02, CAM03, ...)?

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    Hi Hans!

    I assume you are referring to the camera calibration manager? If so, you can rename them manually.

    In any case, I suggest taking a look at the XMP workflow:

    which is probably what will work best for your setup, as it seems to be a fixed rig scenario!

    If you need additional help, could you please add some more details? Thank you!