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Very Unsharp Outlines on Textured Mesh - Drone

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  • Very Unsharp Outlines on Textured Mesh - Drone

    so this is my first experience with 3D Zephyr.

    Ive made a grid in the pilot planning software of a Yuneec H520 with E90 Camera. It flew a cros grid an made about 300 pictures.
    Later ive started the workflow in the programm with presets "Nadiral Image" and allways Hight Quality e.g. Deep etc.

    Sparse Point -> Dense Point -> Mesh -> Textured Mesh

    The result is the following photo.

    What went wrong, what can i improve as a new user?

    Thank you in advance.!

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    Hey Dommi2009 -

    Thanks for using Zephyr! First thing to note is that you don't need to use the high settings if your project works on the lower settings. A good general rule is that you want to tailor your image acquisition to work using the default settings, as you will find that this is much faster to process and will ensure you're feeding Zephyr high-quality input, rather than trying to make something out of lower quality input.

    With feature-poor surfaces (such as a plain white building) you will find that you may need to take more photographs, especially from alternative angles so as to complete the missing gaps in data.

    If you're able to share the images with us (using Google Drive or whichever file transfer service you prefer, we can give you some targeted feedback on how to improve your image acquisition and subsequently the 3D results you will get at the end of processing.