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Large Room Scale Project | I need help with a workflow for 3DF Zephyr to Zbrush

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  • Large Room Scale Project | I need help with a workflow for 3DF Zephyr to Zbrush

    Hi All,

    We have a tricky project and I want to make sure I'm going down the right path with my thought process and workflow. Any suggestions or refinements to my workflow are appreciated.

    My main goal right now is to get an exported mesh and texture from 3DF Zephyr into ZBrush. (And then eventually into Unreal Engine.)

    Here's my process so far...
    1. I've processed and merged my project and successfully generated an 8K single textured mesh in 3DF Zephyr. (Note: This is a large cave scan, so I've cut the mesh into chunks and then textured only a portion to make it easier on processing.)
    2. The textured mesh looks great, but there are some holes and textures that I'd like to clean up via Zbrush. (clone stamping, stencil, smoothing, etc.)
    3. I exported the textured mesh as an OBJ.
    4. I imported the mesh into Zbrush, and it works well
    5. HOWEVER, when I import the colored texture, it could not map onto the mesh properly. I'm still new to Zbrush, but everywhere I searched didn't seem to help resolve this problem. (If anyone has been successful in importing a colored texture onto a mesh in Zbrush, please let me know.
      1. I also tried an FBX, hoping that might resolve the issue, but it didn't.
    6. In the meantime, I saw that 3DF Zephyr has a tutorial where I should unwrap the mesh in a different program like Blender, and then import the UV map back into Zephyr and then retexture on the new UV map. It sounds like a good idea, but I'm struggling because the it's a room scale mesh takes a lot of processing power and I haven't been successful in unwrapping the mesh yet.
      1. Any suggestions on better methods for unwrapping a big room mesh is greatly appreciated.
    7. Like I said, my goal is to get the mesh and texture into zBrush so I can clean up this photoscan with higher precision, any notes on my approach are welcomed. I chose Zbrush, but I'm not married to it, if someone recommends a different program for my needs. I'm also, wondering if there is a better/faster UV Unwrap software besides Blender.

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    Success! I figured it out. I'll explain for anyone using Zbrush for their workflow.
    1. After you import the Texture Map, go to UV Map
    2. Change the UV Map size to the same as the export of the texture. Zbrush can only go up to 8K. You'll have to drag the slider to get to 8K
    3. Then click Flip V
    From there, your texture will lay as it was meant to. No need to unwrap or rewrap, just adjust the UV Map settings. Hopefully, this saves a headache for someone.



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      Glad to hear you figured it out yourself! And thanks for posting a followup, I'm sure other people will find this useful in the future.