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  • Combining Meshes

    Looking for some advice ->

    Is there a suggested workflow/method for combining two meshes into a single mesh? I was hoping for something that would compare the two meshes for common points to align them and do any necessary scaling (it seems like that is similar to what Zephyr already does, just narrowed down to what I haven't deleted from the scene).

    The other option I knew of was turntable, but the meshes are combining into a jumble all facing the same direction. Admittedly that is probably more on me; I'm a student with a made up home setup.

    Should I reattempt the turntable or any other suggestions?


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    you can do the multi-ICP between mesh and/or dense point cloud if you need to align differnt workspaces, or you can use control points or cameras for a merge.

    it seems that you are not masking correctly your images if you get a jumble of cameras, as it's reconstructing the background and not the subject. If you mask it out, you will get a single object out of it. In general, if this is your problem, you will get a lot of noise in case you merge the two workspaces together so i stilil suggest using a proper turntable process with masking and create the object in one shot.

    Merging datasets (with control points / camera / icp ) should be done when you have different workspaces but that are coherent. If you have a different background, the results may be suboptimal in most cases.

    Here is a short tutorial on masking: