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hole filling?

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  • hole filling?

    I am attemptng to create a slice of an existing mesh using the bounding box editor and mesh extraction.

    This leaves the sides of the slice without mesh.

    Should I be able to fill the missing sides of the mesh using selective mesh filling?

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    I notice that there was a similar query almost couple of years ago..

    using a plane cut mesh...

    although I couldnt see the image to check

    however andrea reported it as a potential enhancement. See

    I have looked at and tried meshmixer but cant seem to get the erase and fill option to fill the intended 4 bounded sides..

    Are there any other free editors that might do the job?


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      Hi Roger,

      After performing the cut, I suggest using the "Fill holes watertight" function under "filters". The filter should fill all the holes in the mesh.



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        Thanks for suggestion. Will keep in mind.

        I think the plane cut method showed me the way and then use the "fill selected" option of the " fill holes selected" dialog box.

        Its not as predictable as I would have expected but it seems to be what I need so Im happy enough


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          Probably spoke too soon...

          the predictability of the fill algorithm seems unknowable ...

          which I cant quite understand having applied it immediatly after a cut operation...

          so it seems it should be quite simple



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            Well I took your advice and used the watertight option .....

            and it worked ! (amazed) athough the texture of the "new" walls is still a mystery

            A bit more zephyr documentation would be useful

            but in any case thanks again