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  • the texture file

    Newbie: Its probably a really dumb question but

    are there devices that can apply the texture file during or post output of the basic model ...

    something like an ink jet ?

    If so, could you suggest a suitable tutorial?

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    roger johnson - Are you looking to apply a texture to a 3D print?

    There are several printers which can print a full colour model - The one I am most familiar with is the ProJet 660 ( - It's been several years since I operated one of these but they are classed as colour jet printers and give OK results.

    You can find this printer as part of Shapeways selection - Simply export as .OBJ with UV texture and MTL file, zip all up and upload to their configurator

    Here's a sample ZIP I made for you:

    NOTE: This is an expensive production process! You might be able to find a cheaper vendor locally, however colour 3D prints are notoriously pricey.


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      Something to note - On the shapeways configurator, you need to select 'SANDSTONE' at the bottom of the material options, which opens up the choice between 'Plain' or 'Full Colour' - Or you could just go for the Multi-Colour Polyjet if you're after super high quality and price is no object:


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        Many thanks for the examples and pointers

        Looks like it raises another bunch of questions...

        but I guess the main question is whether

        there exists a product that can simply apply colour to a model/object no matter how it was produced

        whether by 3d model, plaster mold or cnc carving

        something like an automated paint spray?


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          Other than computational hydrographics ( I'm not aware of anything similar. I think part of the issue is ink flow and gravity, pressures etc... much harder to implement than conceptualize