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Zephyr on Windows Server ?

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  • Zephyr on Windows Server ?

    Hi All, I am new using Zephyr and want to try it on a virtual machine because my laptop PC is not capable enough. These Machines mostly run Windows Server as operating system. There I get an Error message when starting Zephyr: OpenGL 2.0 ja not supported.

    Do you have any idea, what to do?

    Thanks a lot

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    make sure that you are connecting using a remote software desktop that supports OpenGL2.0 (hamachi, spalshtop, etc). The older versions of microsoft RDP do not support opengl 2.0


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      Hi Andrea,
      thank you for your remarks.

      I now tested several different remote access software systems like Anydesk, Splashtop, Dameware on four different VMs: Azure Win 10 Pro and Win Server 2016; Google Cloud Win Server 2012 R2 and 2016.
      All VMs had 4 CPUs and 14 to 16 GB RAM. The Win server 2016 on azure had additionally one GPU graphics card (I am not sure which).
      Unfortunately, every single test ended with the same Error Message: "Open GL 2.0 is not supported by your system."

      My home computer is a "normal" Acer Laptop running Win 10.

      Could there be any limitation in Zephyr Lite regarding remote computing? (I am still on the free trial to define if Zephyr suits my purpose)

      And I got a second question:
      Since it seems that I need a workstation on my own: Where can I find recommendations, which configurations are suitable, better or best?

      I need to do photogrammetry on people in swimwear (much naked skin).

      Thanks for your (and others :-) ) help.



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        Hi Fashion,

        that message means that there is either not the correct driver installed (make sure you are using the grid driver, for example if you are using amazon aws, and not the public driver) and that your remote connection software supports opengl2 (microsoft rdp supports that from ms server 2019 onwards). There is no limitation on any zephyr for remote compution.

        As for the configuration, you can take a peek at - the amount of ram is generally dependent on the amount of photos, and if you're using the lite you're probably fine with 32GB