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RAF raw with FUJI XE1, error message

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  • RAF raw with FUJI XE1, error message

    When using raw photos with FUJI XE1 whose extension name are ".RAF" I get an error message for all the photo openings:

    IWICImagingFactory::CreateDecoderFromStream failed. Error: Unknown error 0x88982F50

    But no problem with the mesh, I get a good result.

    How to avoid these error messages?

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    Hi CBY -

    Unless you have a specific reason to process using a RAW image format I'd advise against using any RAW format, and instead use JPG files as they are easier to manage. This being said, still shoot in RAW and process to JPG's prior to input into Zephyr. When converting from RAW to JPG try not to edit them too much, especially avoid cropping as this can negatively impact the camera orientation solve.

    If you still want to use your RAW .RAF files, try changing the imaging engine to ImageMagick rather than WIC (Windows Imaging Component) through Tools > Options > Application > Imaging Engine - This might resolve the error messages you're seeing


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      Hi cam3d,
      Thank you for your answer.
      With the XE1 I can have simultaneously JPEG and RAW, so I made a test with RAW as the notice says it could be better. But with JPEG no problem and it is quicker.


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        i know fuji has great jpgs right out the camera, as pentax does I only use raw files when I like to waste time elaborating images