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  • Advice for noob scanning

    Just jumping into the photogrammetry world and really enjoying 3dZephyr.

    I've attached a capture project to google drive if anyone can have a look. I'm planning on setting up some indoor shoots but not really sure if what i currently have is a good enough setup. I'll be doing most of the cleanup in Zbrush but the cleaner capture I can get the better! Currenlty using the free version before i decide to purchase.

    Some things Im wondering about, is the lighting conditions in my capture area good enough? Im using an iphone 8 for the time being (my SLR is way too old). And i've played around with a few settings for reconstruction. But would like some advice based on my initial capture. Not going for super high production quality but something I could present to clients for digitizing assets. Thanks!
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    Hi morepolys -

    Thanks for sharing your data with us. What kind of SLR do you have? Even old cameras can outperform mobile cameras as you have more control over the settings. Indoor lighting is generally very weak unless you have a photographic studio setup. If you go outside and shoot on a nice bright but cloudy day you'll have great diffused light which will make shooting much easier. Brighter light means your shutterspeed can stay high & your iso low.

    Also I noticed that with your capture you have one full circle, then some closeups - I'd recommend capturing more circles from different elevations before you start to get closer to your subject.


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      Thanks for having a look! Thats great advice! I did manage to capture a shoe using my phone with the same poor indoor lighting ..Ended up doing the remesh in Zbrush.

      For the bottom of the shoe, i did another reconstruct and merged the two meshes in Zbrush, was a bit of a pain, is there another way to capture both tops and bottoms of objects? Or does that require more of a turn table / masking technique?

      I guess for indoor lighting I would need to get a soft box light setup of some sort.

      My SLR is an old Pentax K10D with the stock 16-45 lens. Ive been wanting to invest in some new gear, do you think simply getting a nice lens will do for captures? If so what kind of lens would you recommend?

      My goal for doing captures is small objects like this for products, as well as some outdoor stuff like rocks and such. Ideally I will be shooting surface scans for games (like Megascans) I've done a few on my iphone and they actually turned out really well but plan to do larger scans like 4m x 4m surfaces.

      I've been contemplating on purchasing the Lite version but the 500 image limit is holding me back a bit. With that said what type of scans would need over 500 images?

      Click image for larger version  Name:	2021-02-18 19_45_26-boosts_marmo.tbscene _ Marmoset Toolbag 4.02.png Views:	0 Size:	705.0 KB ID:	7150Click image for larger version  Name:	2021-02-18 19_42_50-boosts_marmo.tbscene _ Marmoset Toolbag 4.02.png Views:	0 Size:	839.2 KB ID:	7149
      Click image for larger version

Name:	2021-02-18 19_42_28-boosts_marmo.tbscene _ Marmoset Toolbag 4.02.png
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        i use pentax too

        10mpx are not that much, so i don't know if the 14-45 lens stopped down to f/11 - f/16 is worse than a macro lens for photogrammetry...of course for photos it's a lot better...

        500 photos for a shoe are enough in my opinion, (I make models and molds for shoes since 2002) and you can feed zephyr with photos of both the upper and the sole in the same dataset, be careful to overlap as usual


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	2021-02-20 20_40_14-New project_ - RealityCapture.png
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          Im guessing i did this wrong.. hahaha

          Anyway I just got my Zephyr Lite license today! Happy to be part of the 3d flow fam


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            morepolys - Nice one! Welcome to the fam

            Thanks for sharing that image - It looks to me as though you may not have masked your images. Masking helps to remove misleading or unnecessary data which can cause misorientation of cameras. In this case I believe Zephyr is trying to solve the base, rather than the shoe itself. If you mask out the base and just leave the shoe, you will likely find that your results improve!

            Masking Tutorial: